May 282013

Im trying to plan a field day and it would be impractical to play baseball or softball. Since we have 2 baseball fields that take up a lot of land are there any other activities that we could do?
This is for high schoolers and middle schoolers.

Jun 122012

I just wondered if community college basketball is a higher level that expects more from you than being on a highschool basketball team? Is it possible to play community college basketball if you’re big but weren’t one of the top players on the highschool basketball team?

May 012012

What sorts of things does your school promote to create a sense of community, pride, and fun at your high school football games? In short, what makes going to a game at your school different from every one else?

Apr 102012

What do you think? Clearly football is superior to soccer, how long before the is a REAL football world cup that is more popular than soccer?

Jun 052011
2011 US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships brings more than $10 million to
National Soccer Wire (press release)
The 2011 US Youth Soccer Region IV (West) Championships, to be played June 20-26, will provide an estimated economic impact of more than $10 million to the Boise, Idaho, area. Local restaurants, hotels, retail stores and others will benefit from the

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Apr 052010
Success is more than just winning
Del Rio News Herald
Our girls never gave up, but they could never gain ground against the eventual Region IV runners-up. They played hard, they played clean and they didn't

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